Your Questions Answered

Deborah Williams

There's so much mixed information out there, that when it comes to understanding and caring for young skin, it's difficult to know what's best.

We've kept a list of questions that our co founder and pharmacist Deborah gets repeatedly asked.

If you have a question of your own that you'd like Deborah's advice on just click here.


Q. What is this pH of your Face Wash?

Our gentle face wash is oil based, so it actually doesn't have a pH!

Oil based cleansers are insoluble in water (without a surfactant) and it won’t affect the pH level of your skin. The fact that it’s insoluble in water is why it makes for a good cleanser – oil is lipophilic; or, in other words, oil dissolves in oil. When you use an oil like jojoba to cleanse your face, you dislodge the dirt that clogs your pores and wipe it away without removing the sebum from your sebaceous glands and the acid mantle that protect your skin.

This is what makes Girl Lane face wash special and suitable for all skin types. 

Q. Should I just use the Three Step Skincare set when I only have a few blackheads around my nose? If not what do you recommend?

It's a good idea for you to start using a regular skin routine so that your skin is protected from damage and also so that it can stay as healthy as possible and that changes in your skin's oils don't mean major breakouts in the future.

I'll explain the 3 step skin first and add some extra comments that you might find helpful.

Start by washing your hands! Don't touch your face without washing your hands first, so that germs on your hands don't spread and cause breakouts.

Step 1.
Cleansing your skin with Girl Lane wash will allow better oil control and deeply cleanse your skin by sending potent cleansers like jojoba deep down into the pores. It will minimise the appearance of blackheads by removing excess oil in the pores. (Blackheads are oil reacting with the air). Apply 1-2 pumps to your whole face and massage in, then rinse with lukewarm water. Do this TWICE A DAY, EVERY DAY! A couple of times a week it's a good idea to use a soft facial brush to massage on your face while using the wash as this will remove dead skin cells that can block your pores. (Do not use a scrub)

Step 2.
Rebalance your skin's natural moisture and pH by using the Girl Lane Intensive Hydration Face mist straight after cleansing. Hold it about 10cms from your face and gently spray. It's refreshing and helps heal damaged skin too!

Step 3.
Moisturise. Use the Girl Lane Everyday Face Moisturiser SPF 50+ during the day because it has sunscreen and stops your skin from getting damaged. It's super light too so nice to wear for daytime.

At night, your skin needs help repairing after being exposed to the environment and sun all day long, so use the nourishing moisturiser instead. (You don't need the sunscreen at night!)

In addition to the three steps above, I would also suggest that you try to use face wipes if you wear makeup or play a lot of sport, because it will help stop more blackheads and breakouts which happen when you get sweaty or don't take off your makeup at the end of the day.

Hope this helps! xo

Q. I have really thick and long hair. My hair also is greasy and frequently has dandruff. What should I do?

Thanks so much for contacting us, I can definitely give you advice on how best to manage your hair and scalp to keep it healthy and manageable.

Firstly, it's important you know that I see girls every single day with the same hair challenges you describe.

The flaky scalp is most likely dryness and not dandruff. Dry scalps are especially common amongst girls and during winter. This is because most shampoo and conditioner has a pH of 8-10 but the scalp has a pH of 5.5. And so this pH imbalance leads to dry scalp, and your scalp responds by producing too much oil and the cycle goes on.

I would recommend for you to use Girl Lane shampoo which has conditioning oils like argan, macadamia and coconut to nourish your thick hair, but is gentle in the scalp and cleanses really well.

Make sure you rinse it out really, really well, and limit hair washing to no more than 2-3 times per week. If you are washing your hair every day it will become more oily. If it gets oily in the short term, just use a good quality dry hair shampoo at night before bed (so your hair doesn't stay white all day!). You will also find that tying it back will stop irritation from excess oil.

Also, only use shampoo once, not twice per wash as its not needed.

Gently wring out excess water and then apply the Girl Lane conditioner from the mids to the ends of your hair.

Your scalp does not require conditioning, and by focusing on the mids to ends you will ensure hair is manageable but scalp is not overly oily.

As a last step, use Girl Lane detangler on wet or dry hair to keep it smooth and healthy.
Sometimes if your scalp gets really flaky you need a treatment from the Doctor, so a visit to your GP is a good option if the above hasn't made much of a difference after 2 weeks.

Still use the recommendation above once you have been treated, as it will help stop the problem from coming back.

We hope that helps! xo

Q. My skin has been really dry and flaky lately. Is there anything I can do to help this?

A. Thanks for contacting us, we can most definitely help you with your dry, flaky skin.
Try using our face wash twice a day every day, but just use 1-2 pumps and apply straight onto your dry skin without water. Massage it in for 30 seconds and then use a tissue or cotton pad to wipe it off without water. Water can actually be really drying, especially in winter time. It takes a lot of the natural oils out of the skin. For this reason, try to keep your showers and baths to a few minutes and make sure the water is warm and not hot.

Use our hydration mist after your wash and keep it with you to reapply during the day, just pat your skin dry after applying it. It has lots of Aloe Vera which keeps moisture in the skin for longer and helps protect your skin against cold, strong winds.

Use our every day moisturiser in the morning (with SPF 50+ to protect from the sun, even on cloudy days).

For night time, use the nourishing moisturiser which has more concentrated anti oxidants to repair and protect your skin while you're sleeping.

One last thing, don't forget your lips! Lips don't have any oil glands so they are often the first thing to go dry and flaky. Keep our lip balm in your pocket to make sure the natural active ingredients (coconut oil, beeswax and pawpaw) stay soft and you remember to put some on every couple of hours.

Hope that helps, if you have questions or want advice on dry hair or body as well just let me know!

Q. Are you able to detail the concept behind why a facial cleanser of oil is better for skin than a cream based of gel based version?

A. Tween skin is quite different from teen and adult skin. It doesn't produce as much sebum (natural oil) and so it is more likely to be affected by environmental changes, for example cold winter winds or air conditioning. Teens also benefit from using an oil based wash because it balances the natural oil production of the skin.

However this is only beneficial if the right oils are being used, which is what makes Girl Lane face wash unique for young skin.

A blend of jojoba wax (which closely mimics sebum, allowing it to go deep into the pores for an efficient clean and to reduce inflammation) chamomile (to sooth irritation) anti oxidants and calendula for softness and aloe for long lasting hydration.

Gels and foaming cleansers contain surfactants which work in much the same way as dish washing liquid- they attach themselves to dirt and dead skin cells on one side, and water on the other, and so they pull excess water out of the skin, leaving it feeling dry and tight. The result is oily, dehydrated skin- the worst combination for a tween or teen.

Q. Intensive Hydration Mist; I understand this idea is adapted for easy use by teenagers whilst they are always on the go. How does it differ from a standard body moisturiser when it comes to its absorbtion into the body?

A. The intensive hydration mist is essentially part of our three step skincare routine (second step after cleansing) as a replacement to a toner which is too harsh and astringent for young skin. It acts as a vehicle to speed up absorption of our moisturiser.
It can also be used for sunburn or after swimming, because the aloe in it provides long lasting moisture.

Being a light hydration spray, I would not use it as a replacement for a body lotion, but it is a great addition to a beach bag or swimming bag as it is more travel friendly than a heavy lotion.

Q. Skin routine plays such an important part in a girls everyday life, and unlike Europe, we often don’t start to take care of it until we either leave school or even later. It’s just never considered an important part of life when we are young. As mothers, what recommendations would you give to another mother to help their daughter start their journey towards better skincare at a young age?

A. You are absolutely right, and that is part of our challenge. Especially seeing as the Australian climate is one of the harshest in the world.

My best advice for a mother looking to introduce a skin care routine for her daughter would be to keep it simple. That way it forms a healthy habit rather than feeling like a chore. Starting with a simple to use wash (the Girl Lane wash can be applied all over the face including over the eyes and won't sting, and then just rinsed off or tissued off) and a moisturiser with SPF 50+ to be applied every morning.

Q. Are you products also designed for male skin? If not, do you have any plans in the future to develop products for young boys to help them work through skin issues growing up?

A.Our products can absolutely be used for boys too, however we understand they may not want to use something called Girl Lane! We would love to launch a boys range in the future as we are regularly getting feedback from mums that it is something they are looking for.

Q. I have a 12 year daughter who has been suffering acne and blackheads since the age of 9 and I have not been able to find anything that has helped to clear her skin. I have spent an absolute fortune on different products and I am at my wits end :(. I'm afraid that the girls at school are going to start teasing her as she has just started high school and you know what some girls can be like at that age. What do you suggest I do? Yours thankfully, A Concerned Mum.

A. As a mother I feel your pain, it seems so unfair for our kids to have to go through skin issues.  They are already hypersensitive as they go through the challenges of their tween/teen years, and along comes acne which so often impacts on their self-confidence.

It is one of the most complex skin conditions to treat which is probably why you’ve found it so challenging (and expensive no doubt) trying to find something that is gentle but effective for her young skin.

I have put together a blog post about this issue as I am sure you are not alone in trying to find a way to deal with this issue. You can read the post here - How to deal with ACNE.

I hope that this information is helpful and that you can feel confident that our product range will be beneficial – I have formulated each product to specifically help young skin such as your daughter’s but if you’d like any further info please don’t hesitate to ask.

Best wishes,

Deborah - Pharmacist. xo

Q. What’s the truth about mineral oil, and is it okay for our skin?

A. Great question Sally, thanks for asking… Ok, so here's the low down on mineral oil and setting the record straight.

Sometimes good ingredients can be perceived as bad, with no supporting scientific evidence. This seems to be the case with mineral oil. I have read many articles and heard claims of mineral oil being linked to all sorts of bad things, from clogging pores to causing acne, to being carcinogenic and it's actually not the case at all. We are going to set the record straight.

So what is mineral oil?

Clear and odourless, mineral oil is widely used in cosmetics and skincare because it rarely causes allergic reactions. It is considered by industry specialists to be one of the safest, most non-irritating moisturising ingredients ever found. The mineral oil in skincare is pharmaceutically purified and certified by United States Pharmacopoeia (USP) and British Pharmacopoeia (BP). Once the pharmaceutically purified process has occurred, mineral oil bares no resemblance to the original petrolatum sourced from the earth.

Why should we use it?

Hundreds of independent studies show that mineral oil is safe, soothing and moisturising for healthy skin. It can assist in wound healing too. Due to its large molecular size, mineral oil can't possibly clog pores as it cannot penetrate the skin. Instead, it stays on the surface of the skin, where it plays a vital role in maintaining moisture.

Our face wash contains mineral oil to act as a vehicle for our nourishing botanical ingredients like jojoba, chamomile and safflower. It is designed to nourish even the most sensitive skin. To use it, apply just one pump to wet or dry face and rinse off.

Claims that purified pharmaceutical grade mineral oils are unsafe are simply not accurate, and they are often designed to scare us.

The truth about the mineral oil used in our face wash is that it's very safe, and better yet, very good for even the most sensitive skin!


Q. Is your range suitable for girls with eczema

A. Our product range is most definitely suitable for girls with eczema. The ingredients chosen are gentle and kind to dry skin. There is no cure for eczema, but good daily skin care is vital in order to control the condition. Basic skin care can in fact enhance the effect of medicated eczema products (which are required during flare ups) and can prevent or at least minimise the severity of a relapse of symptoms.

As eczema skin loses moisture more rapidly than normal skin, our moisturising lotion focuses on enabling the skin to retain moisture for longer. For the body, I would suggest lightly soaking the skin in Luke warm water (not hot water) at the end of the day (the body is more able to hold onto moisture at night). This allows better absorption of moisturisers. Pat the skin dry and apply our lotion generously. The glycerin, aloe and avocado oil will be incredibly soothing and provide relief. Reapply body lotion frequently (at least twice a day) and more so over winter when eczema can be much worse.

Using pH balanced washes, shampoos and conditioners (like ours) will also minimize relapses.

Our face range is also fragrance free and gentle and can be used, I would suggest using the face wash in dry skin and tissuing off without water (which may be drying) follow with the nourishing moisturiser twice a day and cover with our sunscreen. (I wouldn't suggest the combined moisturiser/sunscreen in this instance as the skin requires more moisture and the EDF is a light-weight moisturiser. xo

Q. I have dry and cracked lips. I always have an urge to lick them but I try not to as it just makes it worse. Is there anything I can do to get rid of this? Thanks.

A. Thanks so much for contacting us with your query! As a pharmacist I see this issue all the time.

In fact it was such a good question we turned it into a blog post which you can read here - dealing with chapped lips.

Hope this helps and be sure to contact us if you need any further info!

Deborah - Pharmacist xo

Q. A friend has recommended your product for my daughter who is turning 13 next month. Is she too old to be using your product ? I wanted to get her started on a skin care routine. She has also just started experiencing pimply breakouts?

A. Thank you so much for your question regarding starting a skincare routine for your almost 13 year old.

As a pharmacist I see lots of girls your daughter's age seeking suitable and effective products to start a skincare routine as their skin begins to change, and this is exactly why we started Girl Lane.

Starting a routine now will prove very beneficial for her going forward- to both control her sebum(oil) production and breakouts and also get her into a great habit of protecting her skin.

It's important to understand some of what's happening to her skin in order to understand why certain products will be of benefit.

As she enters her teens, sebum (the oil that the skin makes) levels fluctuate due to hormonal changes and when the pores are open the sebum oxidises, reacts with dead skin cells and turn black. (Blackheads). At the same time, bacteria which is on the skin all the time and mostly harmless, migrates down the pore to the base of the epidermis and causes an immune response of inflammation, redness and pus. (Breakouts)

If the surface of the skin gets dry (common in winter and just generally in girls skin) it responds by making more sebum, so more oil and a cycle of breakouts and acne.

Where there are breakouts, the skin is more sensitive to the sun, and combined with increasing oestrogen levels, this sensitised skin is prone to pigmentation.

There is just so much to deal with!

So here's my suggested solution-

1. She must wash her face twice a day. (And not more than that)

By using Girl Lane face wash, the dirt, dead skin cells and excess sebum is drawn away from the skin without leaving it feeling tight. (Tightness indicates the surface is dehydrated and will result in more sebum production which is counterproductive, many face washes that are gel based will cause this). Our wash is high in jojoba which closely mimics sebum, enabling it to travel right down to the base of the skin for a deep clean. It's also antibacterial and will reduce redness and inflammation in the skin.

She needs to apply it with clean hands, massage for a little while and rinse it off.

2. Use our hydration mist to cool and calm the skin following the wash. It will allow better absorption of the moisturiser and balances and tones.

3. The everyday face moisturiser must be used every morning. It's really light and hydrating but won't make the skin oily at all. Importantly, with SPF 50+ it will protect against pigmentation and sun damage.

4. For night time, it's ok for her just to use the wash and hydration mist, but if she tends to get some dryness then the nourishing moisturiser is a nice treatment.

5. If your daughter plays sports or does any physical activities, she should keep face wipes in her sports bag. Using immediately after exercise will reduce sweating, cool the skin and reduce breakouts.

Some general advice for healthy skin;

  • Encourage your daughter not to touch her face and hair (which can be difficult for a teenager!).
  • Hands and hair contain loads of bacteria and oils which can contribute to breakouts.
  • Enrich her food intake with minerals known to assist in skin health - zinc, selenium, biotin, bitter orange. 
  • Encourage her to get a good night's sleep! The skin needs rest too.

I hope you have found this information helpful and please contact me anytime.

Best regards,
Deborah xo

Q. Are your skincare products non-comedogenic?

A. Thanks! 

Yes, our skincare products are most certainly designed not to clog pores. For Tweens and teens, this is really important because they are already prone to developing blackheads, whiteheads and acne.

Our products are designed to ensure the skin can function as normally and as efficiently as possible during this challenging time when the skin is going through changes. They will nourish and protect young skin. xoQ. Hi. Just wondering if you have, or are in the process of developing a deodorant for preteens/ teens?

A. Thanks so much for your message. It certainly is a bit of a mind field when it comes to deodorants. Here’s some information from Deborah (our Pharmacist). 

Firstly, it's important to understand the difference between an anti perspirant and a deodorant.

A deodorant will only mask the smell of body odour. (Sweat has a sweet/salty smell which actually isn't particularly offensive, but when it reacts with common bacteria found on the skin, the result is body odour)

An anti perspirant will prevent body odour too, but will also act on sweat glands to stop sweat secretions. (My opinion is that this age group is too young to be using an anti perspirant - they need to have good functioning sweat glands in order to cool down).

What I would suggest is two fold;

  • Firstly, lets attack the bacteria that reacts with the sweat, so that smelly body odour is reduced. Use Phisohex (a mild antibacterial wash found in most pharmacies) under the arms in the shower each night. (Importantly, shower in the evening which will combat sweat and bacteria cumulated throughout the busy/active day).
  • Secondly, try Innoxa free & easy aluminum free deodorant. Use this at night too.

Use this combination every night for two weeks. If it's not effective then an antiperspirant is the next option.

Importantly- always use the deodorant at night.

Not sure of your girls ages, but if they are shaving under their arms, don't apply deodorant after shaving (it irritates). Also, for shaving- blades get blunt very quickly and if not changed regularly (every couple of weeks) they will contain bacteria and will also cause irritation.

At Girl Lane we are very much aware of the lack of options for girls in the way of gentle, effective deodorants and are working hard to manufacture a product in this space. xo

Q. Hi, my skin has a lot of blackheads and is quite oily so I was wondering if these products will help with that. Most products I've tried don't work.

A. Thanks so much for contacting me, that's a great question.

Blackheads can be really annoying, because they are difficult to treat with products alone.

Blackheads are caused by the sebum (oily like stuff that your skin makes) plus dead skin cells at the base of the pore reacting with air which makes it change colour to black. When your pores stay open, the air gets in and so you get blackheads. Whiteheads are the same thing but the pores are closed so the sebum doesn't change colour.

It's really important that you don't try to squeeze blackheads, because all that will happen is they will get red, sore, inflamed and sometimes infected and cause scarring.

There are some great DOs and DON'Ts for dealing with blackheads.


  1. Wash your face twice a day. NO MORE THAN THAT. Washing your face too much will just cause your skin to make more sebum. Use our Girl Lane face wash morning and night. The jojoba wax in it is really similar to sebum and so your skin will soak it right up and it will get right down deep in your pores for the ultimate clean, and also helps stop your skin from making so much sebum. Massage it into your skin when it's dry and then just rinse it off with water.
  2. If you play a lot of sport, take some face wipes with you and use them when you get sweaty. When you're hot, your pores open up and then the sebum oxidizes (goes black). Our face wipes will cool your skin down really quickly because they're high in aloe Vera and chamomile.
  3. Use a hydration spray after washing your skin, to cool it down and close your pores. (Cold water will work well too). 
  4. A healthy food intake that's not high in processed foods and sugar will help your skin. Swap the sweets out for fruits.
  5. Look for non-comodegenic (non pore-clogging) face moisturisers with SPF 50+. This is important to stop pigmentation which can happen with mild acne. Also, if your skin is dry on the surface, it will react by making more sebum which we don't want.
  6. A product that has a little bit of benzoyl peroxide (available from pharmacies) say 2.5% will help provide a mild exfoliation to remove those dead skin cells so they don't combine with sebum and change colour can be helpful too. Only use it at night every second day or so and just a little bit on the blackheads.
  7. Avoid cosmetics which clog pores and if you want to wear some, choose oil free products.


  1. Pick, scratch, squeeze or dig at those blackheads! For the reasons I mentioned above!
  2. Don't use a scrub, it will irritate your skin and won't stop the blackheads.
  3. If you wear make-up, don't leave it on overnight. Use a wipe to remove it. Not washing off your makeup is the equivalent to not washing your face for a whole month!

I recommend our 3 step face products for you (face wash, hydration spray and every day face moisturiser) and our wipes if you are particularly sporty or prone to sweating.

Let me know how you go and if you need any further advice.

Deborah xo

Q. How long do your products last for with everyday use

A. It's going to vary from product to product.

For the 3 step face range, using twice a day, they will last about a month if applying as per pack recommendation. If the sunscreen is being reapplied then it will run out more quickly. Using the nourishing cream at night and the every day face during the day will extend out to 6-8 weeks.

Our body range will last 2-3 months depending on how frequently they are used.
For example, during winter when the skin is more likely to be dry and dehydrated, we would recommend more frequent application to ensure the skin stays healthy and supple.

Hair products, for shoulder length hair, shampoo and conditioner should last 6-8 weeks or more. Detangler and sparkle shine much longer.

Generally speaking, Australians apply sunscreen below the recommended amount. The Cancer council recommends 15g (about a dessert spoon) be applied to each limb, stomach and back, and reapplied after 4 hours, after swimming, sport and after towel drying (because the towel wipes off the sunscreen). Over summer then, our sunscreen would and should run out more quickly. xox

Q. Hi, just wondering if this range is for oily breakout skin types? Will it clear young skins of breakouts?

A. Thanks for the question. Our range is certainly suitable for oily skin. The facial wash is high in jojoba wax which mimics the natural oils of the skin to control oil production, deeply cleanse (as it gets further down into the layers of the epidermis) and is anti-inflammatory so will ease redness and irritation associated with breakouts.

The hydration mist contains aloe and chamomile to minimize redness and keep the skin hydrated (which will reduce the skin's likelihood of producing excess oil to compensate for moisture loss).

The moisturiser is light-weight and non-comedogenic (won't block pores which results in breakouts) and protects against sun damage.

I hope this information is helpful, please shout out if you need any other info! xo

Q. Does the skincare come in a starter pack? My daughter has sensitive skin and wasted so much money already

A. Thank you so much for your enquiry and interest in Girl Lane! I know how frustrating (and expensive!) it can be to try and find a suitable skin care range for girls with sensitivities, I advise on it every day in my pharmacy practice. Girl Lane can certainly be used on even the most sensitive skin, as the ingredient I have chosen have been formulated with the best scientific and botanical options for girls' skin. But first I would like to get a bit more info on your daughter and suggest a couple of options for you to consider, so if you'd like to DM Girl Lane with some details about your daughter (age, specific skin issues, what she has tried and what reaction occurred) I can better advise on a tailored solution.

We don't make miniature starter packs as such, however we do have a wonderful value pack, "Be Curious" about to hit the shelves at PRICELINE PHARMACY in the coming weeks, which contains full size products in a basic 3 step for only $14.99. There are also product testers in Priceline stores for a patch test if that suits. xo

Q. What age would you recommend girls start using your products? My daughter is 8 and half do you think she's too young?

A. Our daughters as young as 4yrs old have been using Girl Lane products. They are definitely safe, fun & enjoyable, and teach girls from an early age that skin protection and nourishment is important. All our products are pharmacist formulated and can be used from an early age. Our girls are exposed to so many environmental changes and it's important they use products that are age appropriate. Our pharmacist sees so many young girls using products that are designed for older skin. Our girls, the same age as your daughter, have simple needs. So if your daughter has an interest, our products are most suitable for cleaning, nourishing & protecting her skin.

We'd love for you to try them, and we hope you enjoy them. xo

Q. Do you have one for pimples?

A. Thanks for the great question! Girl Lane 3 step is a great solution for skin with breakouts, as it is designed to create a balance of hydration and natural oil production of the skin. The Jojoba in our facial wash really gets down into the pores to remove dirt and sweat, and the added ingredients will reduce inflammation and redness in the skin. (Minimising further breakouts).

Follow with the hydration mist and moisturiser. It's really important that the moisturiser be used daily, it's really light weight and contains great ingredients for calming redness and also assisting in hydration (which will mean less oil production in the skin). The SPF is 50+, and with pimply skin it is more sensitive to the sun so more prone to pigmentation and freckles so it's vital that it is protected at all times.

Our range is absolutely suitable for pimply skin, although I would also suggest some additional help from your Priceline pharmacist who can make treatment recommendations in addition to using our range as your regular skincare routine.

Otherwise send me another email I can provide a personalised solution for you once I have a bit more info about your particular skin. You'll find more info online at or at your local Priceline store! xo

Q. Can you please tell me if any of these products are tested on animals, and also if they contain petrochemicals as my daughter reacts to this? If so, which products contain them? Thanks

A. Thanks for the questions, none of our products are tested on animals.

Our gentle face wash is an oil based wash which contains jojoba oil (a natural hypoallergenic agent and effective cleanser) and also pharmaceutical-grade, highly purified mineral oil (not the industrial stuff, but nonetheless can be classified as a petrochemical, derived from the earth). This form of mineral oil is certified USP and very gentle, and reactions are extremely rare. xo

Q. My daughter has sensitive skin, have you had much feedback to sensitive skin problems?

A. Our range is certainly suitable for sensitive skin. As a pharmacist I am extremely conscious of what should and shouldn't be included in a good skin care regime, and formulated this range to provide optimal nourishment and protection, whilst remaining super gentle on our girls' young skin.

Whilst every girl will be different, I'm confident that allergies are extremely rare. Ingredients have been specifically chosen with hypoallergenic and anti-inflammatory properties. We have testers available for her to try in Priceline stores.

The face range is all fragrance free, as is our wonderful body lotion, so perhaps start her off with those!

If there is a particular concern or known allergies to certain ingredients, please let me know and I can advise accordingly. Xo

Q. Do your products contain nuts?

A. Careful consideration was given by our pharmacist when deciding the best ingredients for use in our range.

Whilst none of our products contain peanuts, the following products contain Macadamia Oil: Gentle Face Wash, Paw Paw Lip Balm, Hydrating Shampoo, and Strengthening Conditioner. Macadamia Oil is contained in our products because it closely mimics oils found in the skin and is a wonderful alternative to petroleum or animal based products.

Although commonly referred to as a “tree nut”, Macadamia is actually a fruit. In the manufacturing process, Macadamia Oil is heated to remove the protein which causes an allergic response in a sensitive person.

Having said that, we strongly advise carefully reading all labels and seeking professional advice in relation to allergy-based sensitivities. xo

Q. What should I be looking for in a sunscreen?

A. Sun protection factor – Mums should look for sunscreens that are SPF50+, water resistant and broad spectrum (meaning it is protective against both UVA and UVB). UVB is the major cause of sun burn and increased risk of skin cancer. UVA contributes to skin ageing, pigmentation and increases skin cancer risk. We rarely apply enough sunscreen to our skin. It’s recommended that sunscreen be applied liberally every two hours and following exercise, swimming or towel drying. By encouraging an early sunscreen routine, we can protect our girls from the harmful affects of the sun. Girl Lane has two wonderful sunscreens in our range- our everyday face moisturiser and our high protection sunscreen both have SPF50+. xo

Q. Why would I choose the Girl Lane oil based face wash?

A. Oil balancing face wash – girls are especially susceptible to oily skin, because their sebum levels can fluctuate. Many cleansers marketed to young skin will strip the skin of its natural oils, leaving it feeling tight. All this does is trigger the skin to produce more sebum, making the problem worse. Choose a facial wash which will regulate the hyper production of sebum, with ingredients like Jojoba, safflower oil or macadamia oil. This will help keep pores clear, and Jojoba has added antibacterial properties, to reduce acne breakouts. The Girl Lane gentle facial wash provides a soft clean, balances oils and soothes and nourishes redness too. xo

Q. What does the Hydration Mist do?

A. The skin is the body’s first defense against environmental factors such as dirt, dust, sunlight, cold weather, water, bacteria, fungus and viruses. Air-conditioning, swimming and the Australian climate can all contribute to dry, flaky, irritated skin and result in reduced barrier function. A hydration mist restores the skin’s pH after cleansing and increases moisturiser absorption. It helps prevent dry, flaky skin. Hydration mists have replaced toners, which stripped the skin of oil, caused irritation in most and were high in alcohol so ultimately drying. Importantly, even oily skin needs to be hydrated! Don't get confused between oil production and hydration requirements, the oil needs to be controlled but not at the detriment of the skin’s water content. Girl Lane intensive hydration mist also contains Aloe, which provides prolonged hydration and soothes irritated skin too. xo

Q. Why would I introduce a skincare routine into my daughter’s daily routine?

A. Introducing a skin hygiene routine will help reduce skin problems in the future, and that is the key. It's important to select products that are gentle, fragrance free (for facial products) and that your daughter is going to actually enjoy using! Keep it simple- understand that they may not want to start a complete routine just yet, but introducing a good cleanser and moisturiser with SPF50+ should be non-negotiables. Facial wipes are convenient to use on lazy days or following exercise.

The Girl Lane range has been designed to provide an easy, fun personal care experience which nourishes and protects young skin. A simple, age appropriate and convenient skincare routine. xo

Q. I'm just concerned with the mineral oil in products, also what percentage of octcrylene is in the products? And can you explain what's in your parfum as that can combine over 200 different preservatives and fragrances and chemicals which is no good for sensitive skin thanks

A. Sure thing, I understand your concerns. Given the age of the girls our products are used for, it was of prime importance when formulating them, that the ingredients chosen were based on therapeutic need (what would be best for young skin which has very different needs to older skin) and the long term safety of the chosen ingredients.

Mineral oil is a widely used ingredient because it rarely causes allergic reactions and it can't become solid and clog pores. It can also assist in wound healing (including breakouts) and is one of the most highly efficient moisturising ingredients available. It is pharmaceutical grade and highly purified.

Because of the large molecular size, it won't absorb into the skin. Instead it acts as a carrier for the nutrients in the facial wash, being jojoba, macadamia, bilberry, aloe etc.

Octocrylene percentage is 30mg/g (3%). Reactions to this organic sunscreen are very rare, but are more likely to occur in people with photo allergies to NSAIDS, so should be avoided if that's the case.

Our parfum is vegetable based and less than 1% of total volume.

Of course I'd always recommend a patch test, as unfortunately sensitivities can still occur with any skincare product, but I've been really careful in trying to formulate something that will be really beneficial, nourishing and protective. xo

Q. Can you please give me a bit more information about the ingredients in the products?

A. I've been a practicing community pharmacist for 15 years with a special interest in skin care, and have constantly been asked for advice on suitable products to be used on young girls' skin. In the majority of cases, this is not to solve for a particular problem - let's face it, girls' skin is beautiful - but to protect and nourish the skin in order to reduce problems in the future.

Of the ranges available in Australia today, many are safe and effective, but are designed for babies skin or older skin. No girl wants to use baby products, although incredibly effective, don't resonate with girls who are looking for something specifically for them.

Looking after their skin should become a healthy habit and not a chore so developing a skin care range that was gentle, nourishing and protective, yet fun and playful seemed to make sense.

When I began developing the range, I felt it important to incorporate a balance of science and natural botanical active ingredients to ensure proven safety with optimal efficacy.

Our range of products are free from harsh chemicals such as dimethicone and SLS. Our first choice for active ingredients are botanicals, and where these don't exist, then a synthetic alternative with a long safety profile is chosen.

I believe that the balance of scientific knowledge, practical experience and love for my own two Tween girls has enabled me to formulate playful, protective and nourishing products to ensure a girl's skin stays as beautiful in the future as it is today.

I am more than happy to run through the features and benefits of the ingredients chosen for each of our products across face, body and hair care, alternatively you can visit our website for a full listing. Please let me know if you want specific individual product info. xo

Q. Could you please confirm the ingredient SLS? Your ingredients say contains Sodium Laureth Sulfate however it says SLS free?

SLS is the abbreviation for Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. Our product does not contain this. Sodium Laureth Sulfate is SLES. This was chosen as our surfactant for the shampoo because it is very gentle, reactions are very rare and it is extremely effective in removing oil from the scalp. (Note, that this ingredient is also present in most other shampoos). I hope that helps. xo

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