Why Girl Lane?

Why Should You Trust Girl Lane?

At Girl Lane, we cherish our girls. That’s why our pharmacist has specifically chosen ingredients to nourish and protect girls' skin. Skin, being our largest organ, is constantly exposed to harmful free radicals and pollution, as well as damaging sun. Yet we do little to protect and nourish it aside from applying sunscreen.

Our girls have beautiful skin, but it is immature and fragile, and needs to be protected and strengthened daily. Girl Lane products are especially formulated for girls' skin, with a balance of science and natural botanicals to provide the optimum quality skincare, haircare and bodycare for our special girls.

Formulated specifically for Girls' skin

We have chosen ingredients that mimic the natural functions of the skin, to maximise tolerance with targeted efficiency. All products are safe, scientifically tested and proven.

Quality is paramount

We work with reputable manufacturers and use quality ingredients and formulations that bring together the best of science and nature.

Professional endorsement

Girl Lane is about providing awareness that an early personal care routine makes a difference. We understand mothers want a trustworthy brand that provides integrity, reassurance and reliability. That’s why Girl Lane products are formulated and recommended by Deborah Williams, pharmacist, mother and co-founder.

Girl Experience

Girl Lane promotes a safe, fun, colourful and enjoyable personal care experience as part of a daily routine. At the heart of our brand, we are all about protection, nourishment and empowering girls to be their healthy best.

Girl Lane is a fun, daily personal care experience, where girls can… Be Playful. Be Curious. Just Be.

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Deborah Williams
Co-Founder & Pharmacist
Deborah Williams