I wish that your products had been around when my almost 20 year old and 17 year old daughters were starting this journey!
Jeneen G

My Miss 8 was very happy with her hair products. Great, age-appropriate packaging; there is very little around suitable for her age group - either too young and plastered with cartoon characters and not-so-great ingredients, or products targeting adults. Super impressed with the fast shipping - we ordered 3 days before Christmas, and received the product within 2 days.
Liz Wisowaty

We have been using hair products from the 'Be-tween' pack and my 6.5 year old can't get enough! The task of washing, combing and drying her very long and thick hair used to be a negative and arduous process which she dreaded, however there hasn't been any retaliation since we introduced Girl Lane. Not only are the products good for her hair and actually work, she feels very special having her own products to use that are a little more 'grown up'.
Well done to all involved in creating such a great brand, keep it up �
Narelle Galea
Narelle Galea

My Mum bought me a Girl Lane pack as a surprise and I absolutely love the products! Thanks - Dakota
Dakota F

Awesome smooth and friendly transaction. Thanks so much my daughter adores the products we purchased.
Charmaine R

My 10 year old daughter received her first Girl lane skin care pack this week and totally loves it. She loved the packaging but we both love how nice it is on her skin as she has sensitive skin. She has used it 3 times already and her skin is already improving 😊
Paula W

The Hair care made our hair feel really soft and clean and l don't have to wash it as much as it doesn't get oily. The skin care is great for helping my pimples. My sister and l love it!
Tayah and Emily

My 10 year old daughter is loving these products!! She's actually excited to wash her face the blackheads on her nose have visibly reduced and she loves how her skin feels after.
Kylie Baust
Kylie Baust

Great packaging and fast delivery. After only two days the redness in my 9yr olds face has reduced. Thanks Girl Lane..xxx
Kylie L

Thank you for creating such beautiful products for the teen/tween age group. As a mum it is so reassuring to know that your products don't have any harsh chemicals. All of your products smell amazing and I sometimes steal my daughters detangling mist because I love the smell so much .
Kaylene Sanders
Kaylene Sanders

Hi! We had no problems. My 10 year old navigated the site. Found the discount code.. and pretty much did most of the purchasing... apart from the credit card details. She loved the opening her package a few days later... and has cherished your products like a precious gem... using sparingly at bath time. Thx again, Kylie.

Ps. I like the fact that a real person responds to your emails!

Kylie P

Australia has been long overdue for a skin care range developed especially for tweens! The pimple breakout and oily skin stories from the Mum's at school began as early as grade 3 but back then there was simply nothing any of us could advise our daughters to use. Girl Lane has changed all that with their complete skin care range tailored for young skin.My daughter and I both love all your skin and hair care products. Thank you. xx
Rebecca Courtnay
Rebecca Courtnay

My daughter is in love with all the girl lane products! I love how she now enjoys looking after her hair and skin because the range is directed especially to girls just like her and their delicate young skin. She doesn't have to use mum's icky stuff no more! Girl lanes message of empowering young girls to be their absolute best is a message I strongly agree with. Thank you girl lane for creating this beautiful range and for making my little girl a happy girl!
Kelly Johns
Kelly Johns

Firstly I would like to say that your Detangling mist, is the best product I have ever used on my hair. My hair never ever looked healthy and just knotted all the time. I have tried so many products over the years that say they can detangle and make your hair healthy. They never worked. Then by chance I came across the Girls Lane Detangling mist. My hair no longer knots and if it does, there aren't many tangles and the mist gets rid of them. The best thing after 2 months of use, my hair is shiny, healthy and extremely soft. I often have people ask me what I use. Thank you for this product. It is the best and works like a treat. One very happy customer.
Gabrielle C

The Girl Lane products are fabulous! The products have changed the way my daughter views skincare and her approach to looking after her skin. As a mum I was always concerned with her using "adult" products because her skin is sensitive and so young however now with Girl Lane products I don't need to be!. I must say that Chloe's skin is very soft and looks amazing now that she regularly cleans and moisturises her skin and even I love the wipes, they leave your skin so soft!
Amanda Courtnay
Amanda Courtnay

Amazing products I love them and use them every day they are great quality and smell amazing highly recommend!
Bree T

Hi Antoinette, Deborah and Kirstie I am writing to you to tell you how much I love my Girl Lane products. I use my cleanser and moisteriser every morning and night, I had a big yucky pimple on my chin but mum said just leave it alone and use my girl lane stuff and she was right, the pimple lost its redness the next day and soon it was gone forever!  My hair feels awesome after I use my shampoo and conditioner and my mum says that I haven't got any dandruff anymore! I use a lot of hairspray for dancing and that makes my scalp go very dry and I get dandruff. I would love a girl lane hairspray that won't dry my skin out! Also I wear eyeliner when I perform and using my mums stuff to take it off again makes my skin sting and I hate it but I used your cleansing wipes to take off my make up the other day and it didn't sting! and it came off really easy, even the eyeliner which is usually a pain to get off. So thank you for making girl lane products and for everything that you do to make girls like me feel confident to look after their bodies. skin and hair. I will make sure that all my friends now how good girl lane products are! Love from Angel XO XO XO

Angel J

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