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It’s all about nurturing our girls

Here at Girl Lane, we think girls shine brightest when they are allowed to be themselves, that’s why our products are all about giving girls the best conditions to thrive in a time of change. Our range of products is not about trying to change our girls, rather it’s specifically designed to protect young skin and hair against environmental damage, supporting the natural conditions to help it do what it is supposed to do, as well as it possibly can.

As mothers we knew that our girls needed to start feeling independent in a supported and nurturing environment. However, their changing skin, hair and developmental needs were not being catered for – their options being to carry on using products for much younger kids or to transition direct onto the harsher, potentially damaging, skin and hair care designed for adults.

Nurturing girls through a time when their confidence is often challenged, Girl Lane is the product of three dedicated mothers – an award-winning pharmacist and two successful businesswomen - coming together to solve a problem which has existed since their own, awkward tween years. Developed using a unique blend of natural botanicals, and none of the harsh chemicals which can damage young skin, Girl Lane products keep girls' skin doing exactly what it is supposed to do, so girls can carry on being their brilliant, natural selves.

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Deborah Williams
Co-Founder & Pharmacist
Deborah Williams