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You are 'you'nique! And we love you that way!

We’re all different, which we at Girl Lane think is a great thing!

We think you shine brightest when you are just being yourself. Things can get more complicated as you get older, but feeling confident in yourself should be as simple as just being you.

As we move into our grown up bodies, our skin needs help to keep looking its natural best – that’s why here at Girl Lane, we created a range of products especially for girls (that’s you by the way!) – to gently help your skin keep being its brilliant, natural self, so you can do the same!

You know how mum knows best right? Well imagine if your mum was an expert, who could design something especially to look after your skin and hair. That’s exactly what happened with Girl Lane, when not just one, but three mums realised that there was nothing out there to help protect and nurture their girls’ skin to keep it looking and feeling its natural best. Luckily one of them was an award-winning pharmacist who knew exactly what was needed and together they created a range of cool products, with only the right ingredients to keep girls' skin and hair happy, allowed in. Using a unique blend of natural botanicals, and none of the harsh chemicals which can damage young skin, Girl Lane products keep girls' skin doing exactly what it is supposed to do, so you can carry on being brilliantly you.


Be playful
Be curious
Just Be

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Deborah Williams
Co-Founder & Pharmacist
Deborah Williams