An interview with Girl Lane co-founder Kristie Jinks

An interview with Girl Lane co-founder Kristie Jinks

From a casual poolside conversation on holiday, to launching Australia-wide just a couple years later, the creation of Girl Lane has been a long and exciting journey. We spoke with each of the directors, Antoinette, Deborah, and Kristie, to find out where it started, what they love about building a brand from scratch, and the future of Girl Lane.

This is Kristie’s story:

1. Where did the original idea for Girl Lane come from?

There’s no better feeling a mother can have then when she feels like she has made a difference to her daughter’s world. In more ways than one we solve for many challenges our children face every day. Building confidence is so important, and when my daughter felt she had simple personal care needs, I was so surprised that there really wasn’t anything appropriate for the tween market. We really wanted to provide a trust worthy brand that could provide advice around early skincare, and further to that, a brand girls could love and could feel like they belong to.

2. What has been the highlight of the journey so far?

Looking back now, honestly there’s so many…when Deborah (my pharmacist sister-in-law) saw something in the idea poolside on a family holiday. Perhaps she was just sick of me asking sooo many questions (LOL) around what was age appropriate for my girls, that we thought there really isn’t anything, so let’s do it! Knowing we couldn’t do it alone, our good friend Antoinette also saw the opportunity to work on this project and together we brought Girl Lane to life.

I remember being really connected to the XO element in our logo. I knew instantly that we had something special.

At the Girl Lane photo shoot, the girls were sitting in a circle assessing Girl Lane packaging and without prompting I stood back and listened to their banter about which colour and packaging was their fave. They went crazy for them all, unable to lock in a fave without listing more than one! I was really excited at their genuine reaction.

I did have a tear in my eye when 2 years and 2 months later, after all the late nights and long days I finally showed my girls (and son) the final products and they were so proud, with such heartfelt admiration I remember them saying “Mum, this is fantastic!”. I’ve never been prouder of working hard to create something in all my life. Dreams really can come true!

3. How would you describe your role at Girl Lane?

With over 17 years experience working in lead roles across finance, operations, marketing, business development, project and change management, my role at Girl Lane is quite varied across operational streamlining and strategic marketing executions including financial management.

4. If you were a young girl again, would you use the products? Which ones in particular and why?

Oh yes! I love the Girl Lane products! If only they were around in my day!

I absolutely love the intensive hydration mist, I use it myself for face and body hydration, it dispenses like a fog mist and leaves my skin so smooth. My girls are quite dry after swimming and they use it to re-hydrate the skin.

The hair detangling mist is also a favourite, I’m really fussy with this type of product as I have two girls with very thick and long hair and it really detangles and conditions with a beautiful fragrance. I’m also loving the gentle face wash. It really is so gentle on the skin and instantly dissolves all impurities. It’s such a great face wash!

5. What do you think it means to be a girl today?

Girls are amazing! They have such wonderful ideas and make every day count. Girl Lane’s strap line “Be Playful. Be Curious. Just Be” is exactly what we think about girls.

She’s curious about looking after her body, she’s innocently playful, she’s ready to explore her world and shows confidence through her own style. At Girl Lane we cherish our girls and feel really connected to providing an experience girls want.

6. What has been the response so far?

I still pinch myself every day with all the positive feedback we receive. The amazing feedback isn’t just about how much they love our products, it’s also about the overarching vision we have for Girl Lane and what we stand for.

Many mothers have said they really love what we are doing and feel re-assured with our claims around pharmacist formulated. Mums also love the age appropriateness of the range and how it provides a safe start to early skincare routines, which is something girls are asking for.

One group of mums told me they love how the guess work is taken out of the buying experience, they said “it’s playful and clearly labelled, easy to dispense and available at an affordable price”!

7. What are you most excited for in the future of Girl Lane?

The most exciting part of Girl Lane’s future is the affection girls will have for both our brand and product range today and in the future. We encourage girls to join us in all that we do, we love to hear about them doing new things and being true to themselves in every way.

Girl Lane is a young brand with big aspirations, just like girls we want to dream and follow those dreams! Why not, anything is possible!!

It’s the mother daughter bond that drives me every day. It’s about guidance and leading by example. I want my girls to know that being yourself is so important, and that being different is wonderful. I hope that my girls will live their lives being curious of everything around them and to dream more than others think is possible. It’s about the journey, not the destination. Just like my parents showed me.


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