The Truth About Macadamia Oil – it’s a Seed Not a Nut!

The Truth About Macadamia Oil – it’s a Seed Not a Nut!

Our products are formulated specifically for young girls and allergies can be a concern for many young families around Australia. That is why careful consideration was given by our Pharmacist/mum Deborah Williams when determining the best ingredients to use. Extensive allergy testing has been conducted on our entire range and none of our products contain nuts. 

What is Macadamia?

There is an ingredient we use in some of our products that may cause some confusion due to the misconceptions surrounding it and that is Macadamia Oil. While the Macadamia ‘nut’ it commonly referred to as a ‘tree nut’, Macadamia is actually a seed from a fruit!

It belongs to the Proteaceae family, which is classified separately from most other tree nuts or peanuts. Allergens are less common for Macadamia compared to other tree nuts or peanuts and occur at 3% in Australia. Even though this figure is low, it is still certainly a concern for any parent. The oil from Macadamia may cause a reaction in a select few people who have Macadamia-specific sensitisations. But even then, the possibility of a reaction occurring depends on the method of processing.

Is it Safe?

The 17.4 dDa protein which is the primary allergen in Macadamia is only present in raw and roasted extracts of the seed and not in pharmaceutical grade oil. During our manufacturing process, the Macadamia Oil is heated to remove the protein which causes a response in an allergy sensitive person. We also use shea butter in some of our products which is derived from the shea butter nut tree. But the way that it's processed means it becomes largely fat based as the majority of the protein is removed. These processes make the chance of an allergic reaction extremely unlikely.

What are the Benefits?

We use Macadamia Oil in some of our products because it closely mimics oils found in the skin. It is also a wonderful alternative to petroleum or animal based products.

Girl Lane products that contain Macadamia Oil:

Extensive care and allergy testing is conducted to ensure our products are safe and we have had no reports of allergic reactions. However, we do recommend that for those who have nut allergies, to ALWAYS use caution. We strongly advise carefully reading all labels and seeking professional advice when it comes to allergy-based sensitivities.

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