Starting a Tween Haircare Routine

Starting a Tween Haircare Routine

Tweens love trying different hair styles and experimenting with braids, ponytails and plaits! However, some may not have a good haircare routine in place to keep their hair healthy and shiny.

The health of girls' hair depends on a number of factors. These include environmental factors such as sun exposure and chlorine as well as using hair styling tools such as hair dryers. Finding the right haircare products and using them correctly will help to protect hair against damage, prevent dryness and keep hair feeling and looking shiny and smooth!

So what does starting a haircare routine involve? Girl Lane Pharmacist Deborah Williams breaks down the four steps!

1. Shampoo to Deeply Clean 

It's important to wash and deeply clean hair to avoid a buildup of excess oils, dirt, sweat and residue from products. This will not only leave hair looking fresh and clean, but will also prevent dirt transferring from the hair to skin which can lead to breakouts! Our Hydrating Shampoo contains a unique blend of macadamia, coconut and argan to cleanse the scalp whilst removing impurities. It also contains Keratin to repair brittle or damaged hair.

To Use: 

Pump a small amount onto your palm and massage through wet hair, focusing on the scalp.  It is important to rinse thoroughly and make sure there is no product residue left in the hair.

2. Condition to Strengthen and Protect

After rinsing out the shampoo, follow with conditioner. Using the right conditioner will protect hair against environmental damage and prevent dryness and dullness. It will also detangle and soften hair which will make it easier to manage. Our Strengthening Conditioner is pharmacist formulated with argan oil and pro-vitamin B5 to bind moisture to the hair. It also helps close the hair cuticles (outer layer of the hair) to maintain shine and reduce breakage.

To Use: 

Gently wring out excess water after shampooing and then apply conditioner through the mid to ends of the hair. Leave the conditioner in for a minute or two and rinse. Again, remember to rinse thoroughly!

3. Use Detangler to Easily Manage Hair

Tween hair can be hard to manage, style and comb through. Our Detangling Mist is a leave in treatment that will instantly soften and remove knots for even the thickest and curliest of hair. It can be used on wet or dry hair and is ideal to use after a shower, at the beach or after swimming.  It is a lightweight formula that contains no harsh chemicals and is fragranced with exotic Japanese plum! 

To Use: 

Spray on the mid to ends of wet hair after showering to instantly detangle. Use a wide tooth comb to gently distribute the conditioning spray, as using a brush on wet hair tends to stretch the hair strands and leads to breakage. 

4. Misting Treatment for Added Radiance

Finally, if you're looking for added shine and radiance, finish with our special Hair Sparkle Shine misting treatment. It contains non-oily conditioners to repair and improve hair softness and protect the hair from heat damage.

To Use: 

Shake and swivel the bottle to activate pearlescence. Then lightly spray onto the hair for sparkly and shiny tween locks!   

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