Encourage Healthy Skin Hygiene in Tweens

Encourage Healthy Skin Hygiene in Tweens

Good hygiene is vital for keeping a child’s skin healthy.

How often children should take baths or showers is the subject of much professional debate, though most pediatricians agree that once every one or two days is sufficient in most cases, as children do not produce the same skin secretions as adults.

Practicality also plays a role: children who have been particularly active, hot or involved in messy/dirty activities naturally need a wash. By the same token, pre-teens and older children entering puberty should bathe at least once daily, and wash their face twice daily.

It is important to teach your child proper sanitation from a young age as these habits will be with them for life. It's important to ensure a cleanser for Tweens and Teens is suitable for young skin and we suggest the following recommendations:

Use Girl Lane Gentle Face Wash

Our facial wash contains botanical emollients Safflower Oil, Macadamia Oil and Chamomile to mimic naturally occurring sebum and provide an effective, calming clean. 

Some of the other beneficial ingredients are;

  • Jojoba Oil is hypoallergenic and anti inflammatory, containing powerful antioxidants.
  • With Omega 6&9 fatty acids and Vitamins A, D and E, the wash forms a spontaneous emulsion with water to easily wash away dirt and makeup without stripping vital moisture from the skin.
  • Calendula and Bilberry soothe and nourish, and pores are left clean and oil levels balanced.

Have some fun with a hydration mist!

Our hydration mist contains allantoin to enhance skin hydration and Aloe Vera to cool and calm the skin.

As serious as skincare should be, it's vital that the end user enjoys the experience, as this is the only way they will keep practicing what is being preached. Toners are too astringent for young skin and will only result in irritation, stinging and increased sebum production. Our hydration mist is great to use in place of a toner or during the day to rehydrate dry or overheated skin.


Girl Lane sunscreen SPF50+ gives exceptional protection and hydration.

It’s important to start an early sun protection habit so that our children aren't exposed to the same level of sun damage as their parents were. When outdoors, light clothing, hats, sunglasses and shade are the best forms of protection against the harsh Australian sun.  When necessary, a broad spectrum sunscreen should be applied frequently and following swimming or activities. Remember that lips and eyes also need protection against the sun!

To learn more about sun protection, visit our blog article: The Importance of Sun Protection for Teens and Tweens.


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