The Importance of Body Skincare

The Importance of Body Skincare

What's so important about body skincare? You’re probably great at looking after the skin on your face, with the right cleanser for your skin type, maybe a hydration mist and a face moisturiser. But have a look in your bathroom and see how many products you have for your face compared to your body!

Summer is an especially important time to be looking after the skin on your body. Wind, sun, dry air and humidity all cause dry, scaly, dehydrated skin.

Body care has different needs to face skincare

The skin on your body is different to facial skin. It has less oil glands and therefore, it tends to be more dry. It’s much slower at turning over and renewing skin cells, which means it has less natural exfoliation, leading to scaly, thick skin. Plus, the epidermis on the body is about 4 times thicker than the facial epidermal layer and this means a greater build-up of dead skin and a higher risk of infection.

Why does it matter what I use to wash my skin?

Our bodies don’t have much natural moisture (because of the lower levels of oil glands compared to the face) and most supermarket body washes can strip the skin of the oil that is present.

Some body washes add moisturiser to try and compensate for the oil stripping, but they are synthetic and our body treats it differently to naturally occurring oils. This means that they might feel good to start with, but they are probably making the problem worse. It’s important to know that adult skin has more oil than young skin, and so the ingredients needed to nourish and protect young skin are very different than those needed for an adult.

The right body wash for young skin

Our gentle body wash will cleanse the skin without stripping any natural moisture away and without causing damage to the lipids. You still need a mild cleanser to wash away the dirt and bacteria accumulated throughout the day, but your body wash should also contain ingredients that contain powerful moisturisers that will hydrate and protect the skin, ensuring the smoothest and softest results possible.

Our gentle body wash contains beneficial ingredients such as:

• Coconut Oil to keep the skin soft, radiant and healthy.
• Avocado Oil which is rich in fatty acids and antioxidants to regenerate damaged skin cells and intensely hydrate the epidermal layer.
• Sunflower Oil and Shea butter are added for increased Vitamin E content to restore barrier protection.

These natural botanical ingredients ensure the skin is left super clean, soft and supple after every use.

Deborah Williams
Pharmacist & Formulator of Girl Lane xo

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Deborah Williams
Co-Founder & Pharmacist
Deborah Williams