Back to School Skincare

Back to School Skincare

Our skin is constantly protecting us – from infection, from radiation, from our environment. When you look after your skin, you are helping it function at its best and preventing future damage.

Keeping skin healthy at home is simple– a gentle clean and applying moisturiser twice a day is generally enough. However, when children are at school their skin is prone to irritation, sweating, dehydration and overheating. During hot weather, children are more prone to overheating and dehydration, because their smaller body size is disproportionate to their skin surface area. As a result, they absorb more heat from the sun and air.

To make things easy for you we have put together a list of our top four essential tips to help teens and tweens look after their skin at school. This list has been put together to make looking after skin easier and more convenient for teens and tweens.

Staying Hydrated

Proper hydration is really important, especially during the warmer months, it's important that teens and tweens:

  • Drink plenty of water. If they are going to be doing physical activities, they need to drink at least one glass of water about 30 minutes prior to exercise. They should also take regular drink breaks every 20 minutes during exercise. Thirst is a sign of dehydration, so children need to drink water regardless of whether they feel they need it. 
  • Dress in light clothing.
  • Wear a broad brimmed hat. 
  • Try and stay under the shade during recess and lunch when possible.

Another great tip is to use our Girl Lane Hydration Mist throughout the day, it contains Aloe Vera to soothe, rehydrate and help the skin cool down.

Sun Protection

Sun is the most damaging between 10am and 4pm. Applying sunscreen before school isn’t enough to protect children throughout the day, especially when they are doing physical activity during recess and lunchtime. Girl Lane High Protection SPF50+ Sunscreen offers the highest UV protection of 50+ and broad protection against UVA and UVB radiation. It allows a mess-free, smooth application every time.

Some sunscreens that are metal oxide based (such as zinc or titanium dioxide) feel heavy on the skin. Girl Lane uses 5 organic chemical filters which give broad spectrum protection but feel non-greasy and light on the skin. Our sunscreen won’t clog pores, contains added Vitamin E to fight sun damage and Aloe Vera to keep the skin cool.

Protecting Lips

It is vital that girls protect their lips from sun damage and dehydration, which can lead to cracking and cold sores. This means lip balm is an essential for any girl’s school bag. Unlike other paw paw ointments, Girl Lane Paw Paw Lip Balm does not contain any petroleum. Therefore, the active, conditioning ingredients such as coconut oil and jojoba can quickly absorb into the lips for soft, chap-free lips. 

Preventing Breakouts

During school hours, girls are especially active. They participate in Physical Education classes, may undertake swimming lessons or play sport during recess and lunchtime. When girls get hot, their pores open which leads to the oxidation of sebum (which is the cause of blackheads). For older girls, their sweat glands will also activate to allow the skin and body to try to cool down. Open pores and sweat secretions can react with bacteria on the surface of the skin and can cause ACNE breakouts.

Girl Lane Gentle Cleansing Wipes will cool the skin quickly without stinging (they are dimethicone free) and contain Aloe Vera and Chamomile for increased hydration and softness. They are a simple and convenient alternative to a face wash that girls can bring in their school bag for a fuss free clean on the go.

We hope these tips help you look after your skin as you head back to school this summer! xo.

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