Australian Tweens Have Great Access To Skincare

Australian Tweens Have Great Access To Skincare

The gap between skincare pharmaceuticals and over-the-counter (OTC) products is closing. Advances in skincare research and technology has allowed Australian companies to sell great OTC skincare products at an affordable price. 

What’s the difference between OTC skincare and skincare pharmaceuticals?

Products used on the skin are either classified as pharmaceuticals (medicine) or OTC (cosmetics). Pharmaceuticals treat specific skin conditions and are not readily available, while OTC products are available off the shelf and offer more general benefits to the skin rather than treating something specific.

For a company to register a skincare product as a pharmaceutical, it takes decades of trials, is extremely costly and in the end, it restricts availability to the consumer. Instead of going through this process, these OTC companies are investing in new technologies and research and the results are truly exciting.

Tweens have better access to these products than ever before with a wide range of different OTC skincare products to choose from. These quality products have been specifically designed for them, allowing girls to take care of their skin from a young age.

What makes OTC skincare great for tweens?

Research and technological advances have allowed OTC skincare companies to research biologically active ingredients and create skincare products that have a range of positive benefits. These products can be specifically formulated for tweens and their specific skin type.

This is what we have done at Girl Lane with our pharmacist formulated and allergy tested range of skincare for tweens! Our products have the best of both words – OTC products that are easily accessible and affordable but have pharmaceutical properties to have positive and real results on young skin.

Skincare companies that sell OTC products are conducting clinical trials on their ingredients and leading new product development. Gone are the days of exclusive pharmaceutical skincare. Every girl can now enjoy high quality and safe skincare for the fraction of the price!

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