Five Top Tips For Autumn Skincare

Five Top Tips For Autumn Skincare

Summer is sadly behind us, and may have left young skin with sun damage, flakiness or thickened, “weathered” skin. And winter is just around the corner, the season that is the harshest of all on fragile skin.

Here are some tips to ensure that every season is a healthy one for young skin.

1. Rehydrate

Hot and dry summer weather tends to dehydrate skin, and air-conditioning makes it ten times worse. A heavier moisturiser is not the answer for young skin, as it will just over hydrate and make the skin appear more oily. Using a hydration mist as part of a daily routine and also after swimming or sports, will combat dryness and also prepare the skin for the harsh cold of winter. Hold the spray 10-20cm away from the face and spray twice a day and reapply when needed.

2. Exfoliate, but with a brush

Most exfoliators are harsh on young skin, and overuse causes sebum levels to fluctuate, leading to excessive oiliness and breakouts. Use a soft body brush to exfoliate away the dead skin cells that clog pores and interfere with detoxification of the skin. It will also help prevent dry skin and remove thickened or flaky skin which develops after spending days in the sun, salt and surf. Exfoliation allows for treatment products like body lotions, to absorb efficiently and work more effectively. Use the body brush before showering (preferably in the evening) and stroke upwards along the arms, legs, torso and neck. Follow with body lotion to maintain soft, supple skin.

3. Look after your lips

The cool Autumn breeze can quickly lead to chapped lips. Start protecting lips by applying a moisturising balm each and every day. Buff the lips with your toothbrush to gently exfoliate for soft, supple skin.

4. Sun protection is still important!

The sun may feel less powerful, but it's rays can still be damaging. UVA and UVB can cause skin cancer, pigmentation and early aging (wrinkles) and the sun is not discriminating. No matter your skin type, the sun will damage it. Always apply a daily face sunscreen for protection.

5. Hydrate from within

It's easy to drink less water in Autumn when the weather is cooler because you don't feel as thirsty. But water is still essential in order to promote healthy, glowing skin. Make a habit of drinking regularly throughout the day, and perhaps try water at room temperature which is easier to drink when it's cold.

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