Our pharmacist’s sunscreen routine tips

Our pharmacist’s sunscreen routine tips

Did you know we all need SOME sun exposure, it’s the top source of vitamin D, which helps our bodies absorb calcium for stronger, healthier bones. But it doesn’t take much time in the sun for most to get the vitamin D they need. And repeated unprotected exposure to the sun’s UV rays can cause skin damage, eye damage and even some  skin cancers.

Advice from our pharmacist.

Mums should look for sunscreens that are SPF50+, water resistant and broad spectrum (meaning it is protective against both UVA and UVB). 

UVB is the major cause of sun burn and increased risk of skin cancer.  UVA contributes to skin ageing, pigmentation and also increases skin cancer risk. We rarely apply enough sunscreen to our skin. 

It’s recommended that sunscreen be applied liberally every two hours and following exercise, swimming or towel drying.  By encouraging an early sunscreen routine, we can protect our girls from the harmful effects of the sun.

We recommend using our Everyday Face Moisturiser and our High Protection Sunscreen, both have SPF50+.

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