What does ‘Pharmacist Formulated’ mean and why is it important?

What does ‘Pharmacist Formulated’ mean and why is it important?

Ever wondered what ‘pharmacist formulated’ means?

Pharmacist and Girl Lane co-founder & director Deborah Williams tells us why Girl Lane products being pharmacist formulated is so important:

Pharmacist formulated means mothers can have confidence that ingredients have been carefully selected by a trusted healthcare professional.

For over 15 years as a pharmacist, I’ve been advising patients on the best skincare options for their skin. I have created formulations for dermatologists and GPs.  Recommending products for babies and adults has been simple as options have always been available for these age groups.

Then along came my two beautiful daughters.  I am very conscious about protecting them, and have used various skincare products on them since they were babies to protect their immature skin.  As they’ve grown older, it has become apparent that they wanted to use a skincare range that was developed “for them”.  Not something they had been using since they were babies – they were far too old (and cool) for that!  However, I had nothing I felt comfortable with in the pharmacy that would solve for their skincare needs.

This need gave life to Girl Lane.  It was pretty simple – I wanted something that would strengthen and protect my girls’ skin, that would mimic the natural functions of the skin and that they could enjoy using as especially for them.  Drawing on my pharmaceutical knowledge, I’ve created a range of products that I want my daughters to use, and that they love using everyday.

The Girl Lane range has been created to provide optimal nourishment and protection especially for girls' skin, and to make it simple for mums and their daughters to cut through the clutter and confidently select products that are gentle, protective and effective.


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Deborah Williams
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Deborah Williams