Dealing with chapped lips

Dealing with chapped lips

Sore, chapped lips are the worst. They can be so painful and uncomfortable. It's really common in winter or when the weather changes because our lips are exposed to the elements with literally no protection. Unless you take special care though, your lips can get dry and sore at anytime.

The reason for this is that unlike the rest of your face and body, the lips don't have any oil glands to make oil for protection from drying out. 

To make matters worse, when you lick your lips (which is a really hard habit to break btw!) the saliva actually makes the lips more dry and even breaks down the very thin skin covering the lips and causes cracking.

Some other causes of dry lips which you need to keep in mind can be;

  • Low levels of vitamins B2 or B6 in your body (you'll get cracking on the sides of your lips if this is a factor) so make sure you're eating well.
  • Sun damage (so choose a lip balm with SPF - like ours!)
  • A dry mouth (truly!)
  • Matte lipsticks

The best thing you can do to treat and also protect future chapping is to use an emollient rich lip balm, which seals the cracks and locks in moisture. It's going to take a couple of weeks of continual application to get on top of it though, so be kind to your lips.

To keep your lips from losing moisture you need to reapply your balm frequently. This means about EIGHT TIMES A DAY!

So I would suggest keeping a balm next to your bed, in your bag and in your pocket so you're never without it.

If your lips are really flaky, gently brush over them with a soft toothbrush to remove the dead skin cells and follow with a nice thick layer of lip balm.

Once they are healed, make it part of your routine to apply some balm in the morning and at night, especially over winter, to help prevent future chapping.

Last but certainly not least, drink lots of water! Dehydration can cause cracked lips too.

It's worth noting that not all lip balms are created equal.

Lip ointments high in paraffin are no good because they just sit on top of the skin and don't nourish very well. Lip balms that are mainly wax based aren't nearly as effective as wax/oil/emollient/antioxidant blends.

Girl Lane lip balm will give you great relief. As well as all the botanical oils and waxes, it has Aloe Vera which actually holds moisture onto the lips for much longer than an ordinary balm. Give it a good massage on winter mornings as it is high in coconut oil and beeswax (which are AMAZING for lip health) which go a bit firm in the cold weather.

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